Effectively Use QR Codes in Direct Mail Marketing

Effectively Use QR Codes in Direct Mail Marketing

One of the lasting effects of the pandemic has been the proliferation and user acceptance of QR codes. What once seemed like a fad to generate website traffic before 2020 is now something phone users of all ages do without issue. Whether on mail pieces, a restaurant’s menu, or rules before entering a building, QR codes are here to stay.

QR codes are especially prevalent in mail marketing because they provide a simple way for marketers to get someone to go to their website and because they are easy (and free) to create on sites like qr-code-generator.com. QR codes are so ubiquitous that in order to get someone to scan your QR code, you better have a captivating call to action. You also need to have the QR code lead to content the user would want to see.

Keys to Using a QR Code Effectively 

According to American Express’s small business guide, the most important aspect of a QR code is making sure it offers something of value this could be:

  • Financial - free home valuation or recent rates on mortgages
  • Informational - a blog post with market trends you are seeing
  • Entertaining - a video or images of recent homes you have listed or sold

    Once a landing page or social media app is chosen for the QR code, the next step is to create a call to action that encourages your audience to scan the code. Make sure the call to action matches the site you are linking to, for example:

    • If you say ‘scan here to see what your home is worth today’ make sure the landing page is a home value estimator.
    • If you are sending the recipient to a site with your current listings or rates, make sure the listings or listed rates are accurate.

      Keep in mind QR Codes are scanned with phones - you want to make sure the content your audience views is mobile friendly. Apps like Facebook and Instagram work well while typical landing pages to collect your audience’s contact information do not work well.

      Think ahead! You want the recipient of the mailer to scan the QR code every time they receive one. The more engaging the content is, the more likely your audience will look forward to receiving your mailers in the future.

      Direct mail marketing plans should consider using QR codes. At Infocard Marketing we will create QR codes for you as part of your onboarding process for no additional fee.  However, we will make sure you have a well thought out plan with where you want to send your audience and why you are sending them there. If you don’t have answers to these questions, we will encourage you to leave a QR code off until you have a strategy in place.

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