Direct Mail Marketing for Realtors

Email Marketing as a Complement to Direct Mail Marketing

Why Start with Email Marketing

You know InfoCard Marketing as a direct mail marketing company, so why is our very first blog post about email marketing? The answer is that we want you and your business to be successful and the simplest way to start marketing your business is through email. Because a number of companies offer free software for running email campaigns, you could potentially see a return on investment as high as 36:1! 

In-House Email Marketing Tools

If you are a lender or real estate agent, it is likely your company has internal newsletters you can send to your client list on a regular basis. Whether they are housing market updates, recently sold listings, or articles about interest rate changes, these templated, pre-written emails are great because all you have to do is copy and paste your email list into your company’s software and click ‘send’. We have clients who combine our InfoCard Marketing program, templated emails, and quarterly events to effectively grow their repeat and referral business.

The downside of templated emails is that they do not allow you to differentiate yourself from other lenders or agents in your office. This increases the likelihood a reader unsubscribes from your email list or, even worse, marks it as spam. 

Third Party Email Marketing Solutions

If you have the ability and time, there are a number of free software providers you can use to create your own email campaigns. The benefit of this strategy is that you can write in your own voice - the one that clients have come to know. This means they are more likely to open and read your email and less likely to delete it without reading or mark it as spam.

The downsides to this method is that it can be time consuming, and it needs to be done consistently to be effective. For best results you should create a marketing calendar that shows when you want to create and execute your monthly communications with your clients. The free software available is fairly easy to use so long as you follow the guides they provide. Some free email marketing services we recommend are:

Direct Mail - The Perfect Complement

InfoCards are a perfect complement to email marketing. They are mailed on a monthly basis, and unlike email newsletters they are guaranteed to be seen. Since they contain topical information, InfoCards and  your branding are referenced for months. To learn more about our InfoCard Marketing program, you can read the FAQ section of our website.