Every Door Direct Mailing and Why We Don’t Use It

Every Door Direct Mailing and Why We Don’t Use It

One question we receive from new and existing clients on a regular basis is ‘Do you offer Every Door Direct Mailings’? This question immediately shows us that this client has done some mail marketing in the past. To those of you wondering ‘What is EDDM, and how does it work?’ The answer is that it is a service the USPS provides to offer mailing services to a specific area at a discounted rate. 

Every Door Direct Mailing is great for people who want to mail to every house on a given mail route. How it works is the USPS mail person literally delivers the pre-made mailer to every house on their route. EDDM is perfect for realtors who want to let neighbors know they just sold a home, for mortgage brokers who want to do business in their neighborhood, or for a new restaurant that opened a few blocks away. 

InfoCard Marketing does not work with the USPS to provide EDDM services for two reasons. The first reason is that it conflicts with one of our core features - once an address is claimed by a client, no other client can mail InfoCards to that address. The problem with EDDM is that you have to mail to every address on a route. There is no skipping or thinking needed to be done by the mail delivery person.

The second reason InfoCard Marketing doesn’t provide EDDM services is because the cost savings of mailing to every address is not significant enough to move the needle on postage costs for us. Since InfoCard Marketing has been operating since 2005 and mails to 48 states and Puerto Rico, our print team has a great relationship with the USPS and we have incredibly competitive postage rates. 

If you have any questions about our InfoCard Marketing program, you can visit our website’s FAQ page to see if it has already been answered. If you would like to learn more about how the InfoCard Marketing program works, you can click here to learn more about it.