Getting in the Door: Direct Mail Marketing

Getting in the Door: Direct Mail Marketing

In Gary Keller’s book ‘The Millionaire Real Estate Agent’ he quotes a study that shows most consumers only have mindshare for one or two real estate agents. Surprisingly, this was the case no matter how great a client’s previous experience was with their realtor. So what is the best way to stay top-of-mind with past clients so they refer you to friends and family?

Gary Keller’s solution is his 33 Touch Program which involves 33 interactions with past clients over the course of a calendar year. One of the core tenets of his program is mailing to clients and farming areas on a monthly basis. Why are more than one third of your touches dedicated to direct mail? Because unlike other marketing media, mail marketing gets you physically in the door.

More than ever your target audience wants to not only see your branding, but they want to touch and hold something that represents you and your brand. Physical mail provides this opportunity. Direct mail also has higher response rates, better visibility, and opportunities that digital marketing doesn’t provide. 

A number of companies provide in-house mailing services for their employees. These are great because the templates are provided so the work you have to do is minimal. Another fantastic option is InfoCards. The InfoCard Marketing program provides 12 high-quality mailings that you can set, and forget. In addition to managing your monthly mail marketing campaigns, InfoCard Marketing also manages your mailing lists for you. Anytime a client moves or mail is returned InfoCard Marketing notifies you of the change and updates it internally.

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The key takeaway regarding direct mail marketing is this: even in this digital age, physical mail marketing still plays a vital role in any successful marketing campaign. Having a high quality, monthly touch with your past clients and farming areas is paramount to staying top of mind with them, and there is no better way to automate that process than through the InfoCard Marketing program.