Direct Mail Marketing

One Year Ownership Anniversary!

It is hard to believe that one year has passed since Meghan and I purchased InfoCard Marketing from Marvin Matises. On one hand, it feels like just yesterday we received the news that the final wire had gone through and we were now the owners of our own company. On the other hand, it feels like we have learned a decade’s worth of knowledge over the last year as we became acquainted with all of the operations and systems that we now own.

Meghan and I both had successful careers in the past and I was confident our combined skill sets would be perfect for growing our new venture. Meghan quickly identified two needs: a new website and overall company rebrand. She worked diligently with our graphic design team and outside developers to create the brand ‘InfoCard Marketing’ and our new website, Additionally, Meghan created Facebook and Google ad sets to market and grow our business. Most importantly, Meghan oversaw the creation and delivery of our monthly InfoCard mailers. The graphic design team we inherited from Marvin is incredibly talented, and they did not miss a beat when it came to creating and delivering quality InfoCards for our customers.

My focus was to be split on three areas of the business - the finances and day-to-day operations, understanding the USPS and managing the mailing database, and creating sales funnels and managing our CRM. Thankfully, I had experience running a small business before, so setting up Quickbooks from scratch was not that difficult. For those who haven’t used accounting software, Quickbooks is the most popular off-the-shelf accounting software available. The difficult area for me was learning how to set up a CRM that was inherited from a previous owner. Thankfully there’s HubSpot, a CRM that can solve almost any problem a small business may have. They have a dedicated team that helped me get our CRM clean and organized.

This brings us today - a little more than a year in as owners of InfoCard Marketing. I can say that almost everything behind the curtains has changed, and with Meghan’s rebranding and company name change, the curtains have changed as well. But the show - the quality InfoCards sent on your behalf every month, is the same (if not a little better ;). We thank all of you for trusting us through the ownership transition, and we look forward to growing with you for years to come!