Social Media Direct Mail Marketing for Realtors

Social Media | Consistency is Key

Social Media | Consistency is Key

Social media, as we all know, is an incredible platform to showcase your brand, highlight your work and build relationships with your customers. Whether you choose to post on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Pinterest, there is one thing that will allow you to grow in audience engagement, and that is consistency. From the tone of voice used in messages to the aesthetics of your profiles, you need to be recognizable to gain traction among your intended audience.

Brand Voice

Brand recognition is needed to build a loyal audience and following on social media, so be true to your brand. You know who you are, what you do, and why it matters to people.  Aim to communicate in a way that stays true to your brand while also resonating with your audience.


Don’t be scattered in what you share on social media. Show what you know and share what your audience will find relevant to their lives. The goal is to be relevant and authentic. You want to draw them in and get them to engage with the content you create and share.


People are visual creatures and are naturally attracted to aesthetically appealing visuals. Make sure that your profile follows a theme; consistent color schemes and photo editing / filters. This creates consistency and coordination in your images and posts, which has a greater impact.


Post on social media every day. Organic reach, which is the number of people you reach without paying to boost an advertisement or post, can reach only a certain number of people. Each time you post is another opportunity to reach your audience. Posting each day strategically and consistently maximizes your organic reach.

Have a Comprehensive Plan

Marketing yourself on social media is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to reach your target audience, but posting online alone will not grow your business. The best marketing strategies include social media, in-person events, and direct mail marketing similar to the InfoCard Marketing program. When these three strategies are combined, you can effectively reach a broad audience and grow your business.