Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing

What It Means to Stay Top of Mind

Top of mind awareness (TOMA) means your business or brand is the first thing that comes to mind when people think about a particular product, niche, or service. Ultimately, your goal is to be remembered.

As a realtor or lender, your clients will most likely go years between transactions. When you’ve finished working with a client or talking to a lead, your relationship shouldn’t end there. You need to continue to nurture your relationship so you can leverage that into repeat business and referrals. Because you’re building up your relationships over time, top of mind awareness is a long game but the investment you put in will pay off. 

There are several marketing tactics that can be employed to stay top of mind with your clients. Of course, we’ll drill into direct mail marketing as a pillar of any good TOMA strategy, but there are additional tactics that should be leveraged in conjunction with direct mail.

Social media, email marketing, events and personal outreach are all valuable ways to continue to build your brand recognition with clients. Social media is the perfect place to showcase high-quality photos and videos of your listings, client testimonials, company milestones and industry events. Sprout Social details the elements of a strong social media presence.

Email marketing is another great way to stay in front of your clients. One thing to keep in mind is that authentic content will resonate with clients in a way that paid email marketing services can’t capture. Your clients want to hear your voice and learn more about you and your business. Be sure that the email marketing content is a reflection of your personality and voice.

Events and personal outreach are more time-intensive ways to build relationships with clients. Events require significant planning, commitment from attendees and a healthy budget. Personal outreach can be as simple as a phone call, but having a system to manage who you call and how often is critical.

Of all of the marketing strategies mentioned above, none of them are set-it-and-forget-it. They all require a great deal of planning, content creation and time. Your time is valuable and it should be spent with active clients focused on your primary responsibility - selling houses!

InfoCard Marketing is a 12-month direct mail marketing program that you can set and forget. In addition to managing your monthly mail marketing campaigns, InfoCard Marketing also manages your mailing lists for you. Any time a client moves or mail is returned, InfoCard Marketing notifies you of the change and updates it internally.

Not only is the InfoCard Marketing program an efficient use of your time, but it also provides the best bang for your buck. According to HGX Creative, approximately 90% of direct mail gets opened, ensuring that your brand ends up in the customer’s hands. What’s more, 75% of people can recall a brand after receiving direct mail, compared to 44% brand recognition with email.

A solid TOMA marketing plan will integrate all of the strategies above, but InfoCard Marketing is the only one that you can rely on to deliver high-quality content that will keep you top of mind and requires very little effort and time.