Why Direct Mail Beats Email Marketing

Why Direct Mail Beats Email Marketing

It’s hard to believe that, in the third decade of the 21st century, direct mail marketing has a higher return on ad spend than digital marketing. How can this be? The main issue is how easy it is for anyone to create email marketing campaigns. We all receive countless emails from brands we love and brands we hate, people we have done business with and people begging for our business, and some that leave us scratching our heads, wondering how they ever got our email address. There is simply no way to stand out digitally.

This means that the best way to stand out is through physical mail. Physical mail has an engagement rate 3x higher than email. For example, the average email is glanced at for only 10 seconds, while physical mail is kept in a household an average of 7 days! Mail marketing is here to stay and is infinitely better than email. So, the real question is, ‘How do I stand out through direct mail?’

Here’s the answer. Most real estate companies offer their agents in-house marketing services. We’ve all seen these - they are beautifully branded, have pictures of recently sold homes or recipes, and are small—but almost immediately recycled. So, how do you STAND OUT?  The answer is InfoCards - a 5.5 x 11,” UV-coated mailer containing useful information that will be referenced for months. Your recipient will receive this information only from you because, once you claim an address, no one else can mail InfoCards to it. And every time the client looks at your InfoCard, they will see your branding, keeping you TOP OF MIND. 71% of potential and past clients do not look to multiple agents when listing their home - they choose the one they think of first. As your clients and prospect become familiar with you through InfoCards, you are going to SELL MORE.

To recap, in this digital age you need to find a way to stand out from the competition. Staying top of mind will get you more repeat clients and referrals, leading you to sell more.

Stand Out

Stay Top of Mind

Sell More