The Todd Gosden Team



The Todd Gosden Team provides residential mortgages for clients in seven states across the country. Their nine person team understands the value of staying top-of-mind with clients as they realize one mortgage refinance or referral more than covers their monthly advertising costs.


The Gosden team seeks to achieve multiple touchpoints with their clients each month and it’s a challenge to keep up with over 2,000 clients on a monthly basis. The postcards are a value-add monthly touchpoint that allows them to stay consistent with their overall client management plan.

Turn-Key Solution

Marvin’s Mailers™ provide twelve meaningful connections with a client’s customer list each year. This provides our clients peace of mind knowing their marketing needs are effectively handled, allowing them to focus on what is important to their business – providing the best service possible to their current clients.

Outstanding Results

Marvin’s Mailers™ takes one of the multiple touches The Todd Gosden Team makes each month off of their plate. Knowing one interaction with their clients will be consistently meaningful and cost effective allows the team to prioritize helping their clients instead of developing marketing strategies. As Kathryn, The Todd Gosden Team Head of Client relations says: “We count both parties on a loan (i.e. spouses, partners, co-borrowers) and engage with them, as well, since everyone has their sphere of friends, co-workers, and family. Marvin’s Mailers™ can influence every member of a household and market to their potential spheres.” Marvin’s Mailers ™ complement other marketing avenues in a way that keeps your brand relevant with your clients. This cost-effective marketing program works well as both a standalone marketing tool or as a compliment to other marketing you may already be doing.
“Infocards™ can influence every member of a household and market to their potential spheres.”

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