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What is Marvin's Mail Marketing Program™? It is a monthly postcard program with curated content that helps you grow your business. See answers to our clients most frequently asked questions below.

Marvin's Mail Marketing Program provides a monthly touchpoint between you and your clients, showing you still think about them even after your business has concluded. The more touch points you have with clients, the higher the likelihood of repeat and referral business for you.

Marvin's Mailers are mailed out once a month for a 12-month period. These mailings improve your brand awareness and keep you top-of-mind with your clients.

There are no monthly minimums! Depending on your goals, you should send cards to anyone that you think will lead to a future sale or word-of-mouth referral for your business.

Marvin's Mailers are priced at $0.99 per card and that includes the full suite of support for database management, card content development, tracking, printing and postage each month.

Marvin's Mailers content strikes a balance between calendar events, sports and festival schedules and home, health + wellness content to appeal to every demographic in your sphere.

Send us a headshot, company logo, and a list of clients + addresses. Our graphic design and database management teams will create your card and prepare your database for mailing.

We do! Our national offering was launched in 2021, and we have recipients in 41 states and Puerto Rico. Our national content is created to appeal to your clients in the same manner as our local offerings.


Absolutely, many of our clients share a card with a business partner. Not only does it reduce the cost for an individual, but combining mailing lists broadens your sphere while also creating brand recognition through association with your partner.

We give you exclusive rights to your addresses, meaning only one Marvin's Mailer will be sent to an address. Once an address is claimed, it is no longer available to anyone else!