Direct Mail Marketing for Realtors
Sheila Kehoe
Real Estate Broker
”The content is relevant and interesting and the service is top notch! I am a very, very happy customer!”
– Sheila Kehoe
  • List management
  • Tracking
  • Postal deliverability
  • Targeted mailing list
  • QR code
  • Project management
  • Great team
  • Ease of onboarding


Sheila Kehoe is a licensed lawyer and real estate broker in Schaumburg, Illinois. For over 20 years Sheila has specialized in servicing first time homebuyers, short sales, investors, relocations, and clients both looking to move-up or down-size.


As a top producer in Illinois, how can Sheila stay in contact with her large list of past and current clients in a meaningful way that is not time consuming?

Turn-Key Solution 

Marvin's Mailers™ are created with unique content that recipients appreciate. From lists of public golf courses and local dog parks to at-home meditation and Spring Cleaning guides, Marvin's Mailers are guaranteed to generate a higher response rate than any other marketing methods available.

Outstanding Results

Marvin's Mailers™ consistently generate conversations between Sheila and her clients. The content of the card is always a great conversation starter, and each month’s content speaks to a different portion of Sheila’s client base. As Sheila says:

“I have been doing real estate mailers for 20+ years and have never received the volume of positive feedback as I have from my monthly mailers from Marvin's Mailers !  The content is relevant and interesting and service is top notch!  I am a very, very happy customer!”

Marvin's Mailers  is a fantastic way to create conversations, touch points, and communications with your past clients with minimal effort required on your part. The value in the program is not just in the cards being sent, but also in the time saved contacting your client base yourself.